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2018 Volume 9 Issue 2

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Knowledge Representations and Inference Techniques for Medical Question Answering
Travis R. Goodwin | Sanda M. Harabagiu

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SocialWave: Visual Analysis of Spatio-temporal Diffusion of Information on Social Media
Guodao Sun | Tan Tang | Tai-Quan Peng | Ronghua Liang | Yingcai Wu

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Supervised Representation Learning with Double Encoding-Layer Autoencoder for Transfer Learning
Fuzhen Zhuang | Xiaohu Cheng | Ping Luo | Sinno Jialin Pan | Qing He

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Understanding and Identifying Rhetorical Questions in Social Media
Suhas Ranganath | Xia Hu | Jiliang Tang | Suhang Wang | Huan Liu

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Iteratively Divide-and-Conquer Learning for Nonlinear Classification and Ranking
Ou Wu | Xue Mao | Weiming Hu

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Stopping Criterion for Active Learning with Model Stability
Yexun Zhang | Wenbin Cai | Wenquan Wang | Ya Zhang

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SPACE-TA: Cost-Effective Task Allocation Exploiting Intradata and Interdata Correlations in Sparse Crowdsensing
Leye Wang | Daqing Zhang | Dingqi Yang | Animesh Pathak | Chao Chen | Xiao Han | Haoyi Xiong | Yasha Wang

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Vertical Ensemble Co-Training for Text Classification
Gilad Katz | Cornelia Caragea | Asaf Shabtai