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2018 Volume 9 Issue 5

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Deep Learning for Environmentally Robust Speech Recognition: An Overview of Recent Developments
Zixing Zhang | Jürgen T. Geiger | Jouni Pohjalainen | Amr El-Desoky Mousa | Wenyu Jin | Björn W. Schuller

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Mining Significant Microblogs for Misinformation Identification: An Attention-Based Approach
Qiang Liu | Feng Yu | Shu Wu | Liang Wang

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Dynamic Optimization of the Level of Operational Effectiveness of a CSOC Under Adverse Conditions
Ankit Shah | Rajesh Ganesan | Sushil Jajodia | Hasan Cam

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Exploiting Multilabel Information for Noise-Resilient Feature Selection
Ling Jian | Jundong Li | Huan Liu

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Multiview Discrete Hashing for Scalable Multimedia Search
Xiaobo Shen | Fumin Shen | Li Liu | Yunhao Yuan | Weiwei Liu | Quan-Sen Sun

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Automatic Extraction of Behavioral Patterns for Elderly Mobility and Daily Routine Analysis
Chen Li | William K. Cheung | Jiming Liu | Joseph Kee-Yin Ng

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On Incremental High Utility Sequential Pattern Mining
Jun-Zhe Wang | Jiun-Long Huang

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Optimum Velocity Profile of Multiple Bernstein-Bézier Curves Subject to Constraints for Mobile Robots
Andrej Zdesar | Igor Skrjanc

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Integrate and Conquer: Double-Sided Two-Dimensional k-Means Via Integrating of Projection and Manifold Construction
Chong Peng | Zhao Kang | Shuting Cai | Qiang Cheng

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Combination Forecasting Reversion Strategy for Online Portfolio Selection
Dingjiang Huang | Shunchang Yu | Bin Li | Steven C. H. Hoi | Shuigeng Zhou

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Interactive Visual Graph Mining and Learning
Ryan A. Rossi | Nesreen K. Ahmed | Rong Zhou | Hoda Eldardiry

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The Effect of Pets on Happiness: A Large-Scale Multi-Factor Analysis Using Social Multimedia
Xuefeng Peng | Li-Kai Chi | Jiebo Luo