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2018 Volume 36 Issue 3

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Suggesting Points-of-Interest via Content-Based, Collaborative, and Hybrid Fusion Methods in Mobile Devices
Avi Arampatzis | Georgios Kalamatianos

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Towards Efficient Framework for Time-Aware Spatial Keyword Queries on Road Networks
Jingwen Zhao | Yunjun Gao | Gang Chen | Rui Chen

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Explicit Diversification of Event Aspects for Temporal Summarization
Richard McCreadie | Rodrygo L. T. Santos | Craig Macdonald | Iadh Ounis

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Exploiting User and Venue Characteristics for Fine-Grained Tweet Geolocation
Wen-Haw Chong | Ee-Peng Lim

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Automatically Learning Topics and Difficulty Levels of Problems in Online Judge Systems
Wayne Xin Zhao | Wenhui Zhang | Yulan He | Xing Xie | Ji-Rong Wen

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Selective Cluster Presentation on the Search Results Page
Or Levi | Ido Guy | Fiana Raiber | Oren Kurland

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Joint Modeling of Participant Influence and Latent Topics for Recommendation in Event-based Social Networks
Yi Liao | Wai Lam | Lidong Bing | Xin Shen

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The Characteristics of Voice Search: Comparing Spoken with Typed-in Mobile Web Search Queries
Ido Guy

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CO^: Inferring Personal Interests From Raw Footprints by Connecting the Offline World with the Online World
Long Guo | Dongxiang Zhang | Yuan Wang | Huayu Wu | Bin Cui | Kian-Lee Tan

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Unsupervised Learning of Parsimonious General-Purpose Embeddings for User and Location Modeling
Jing Yang | Carsten Eickhoff

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GeoMF++: Scalable Location Recommendation via Joint Geographical Modeling and Matrix Factorization
Defu Lian | Kai Zheng | Yong Ge | Longbing Cao | Enhong Chen | Xing Xie

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QuoteRec: Toward Quote Recommendation for Writing
Jiwei Tan | Xiaojun Wan | Hui Liu | Jianguo Xiao