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2018 Volume 12 Issue 1

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Exploring the Emerging Type of Comment for Online Videos: DanMu
Ming He | Yong Ge | Enhong Chen | Qi Liu | Xuesong Wang

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Adaptive Knowledge Propagation in Web Ontologies
Pasquale Minervini | Volker Tresp | Claudia d'Amato | Nicola Fanizzi

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Recommendation in a Changing World: Exploiting Temporal Dynamics in Ratings and Reviews
Yining Liu | Yong Liu | Yanming Shen | Keqiu Li

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Activity Recommendation with Partners
Wenting Tu | David W. Cheung | Nikos Mamoulis | Min Yang | Ziyu Lu

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Caching to Reduce Mobile App Energy Consumption
Kaushik Dutta | Debra E. VanderMeer

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Modeling and Simulating the Web of Things from an Information Retrieval Perspective
Cristyan Manta-Caro | Juan M. Fernández-Luna

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List of 2016 TWEB Reviewers
Abbar Sofiane