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2018 Volume 12 Issue 2

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Knowledge Graph Embedding: A Locally and Temporally Adaptive Translation-Based Approach
Yantao Jia | Yuanzhuo Wang | Xiaolong Jin | Hailun Lin | Xueqi Cheng

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When Simpler Data Does Not Imply Less Information: A Study of User Profiling Scenarios With Constrained View of Mobile HTTP(S) Traffic
Souneil Park | Aleksandar Matic | Kamini Garg | Nuria Oliver

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Semantics-Based Analysis of Content Security Policy Deployment
Stefano Calzavara | Alvise Rabitti | Michele Bugliesi

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Characterizing and Predicting Users' Behavior on Local Search Queries
Fidel Cacheda | Roi Blanco | Nicola Barbieri

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BUbiNG: Massive Crawling for the Masses
Paolo Boldi | Andrea Marino | Massimo Santini | Sebastiano Vigna

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A Model of Information Diffusion in Interconnected Online Social Networks
Rossano Gaeta

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Brian D. Davison