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2019 Volume 8 Issue 1

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Editorial for the ICMR 2018 special issue
Benoit Huet | Qi Tian | Keiji Yanai

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Joint embeddings with multimodal cues for video-text retrieval
Niluthpol Chowdhury Mithun | Juncheng Li | Florian Metze | Amit K. Roy-Chowdhury

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Mining exoticism from visual content with fusion-based deep neural networks
Andrea Ceroni | Chenyang Ma | Ralph Ewerth

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Automatic visual pattern mining from categorical image dataset
Hongzhi Li | Joseph G. Ellis | Lei Zhang | Shih-Fu Chang

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Multi-view collective tensor decomposition for cross-modal hashing
Limeng Cui | Jiawei Zhang | Lifang He | Philip S. Yu