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2019 Volume 56 Issue 1

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AHAB: Aligning heterogeneous knowledge bases via iterative blocking
Ling Chen | Weidong Gu | Xiaoxue Tian | Gencai Chen

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Quality assessment of answers with user-identified criteria and data-driven features in social Q&A
Hengyi Fu | Sanghee Oh

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A diary study of information encountering triggered by visual stimuli on micro-blogging services
Tingting Jiang | Qian Guo | Yaping Xu | Shiting Fu

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Efficient query-by-example spoken document retrieval combining phone multigram representation and dynamic time warping
Paula Lopez-Otero | Javier Parapar | Alvaro Barreiro

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SSTS: A syntactic tool for pattern search on time series
João Rodrigues | Duarte Folgado | David Belo | Hugo Gamboa

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The language of information need: Differentiating conscious and formalized information needs
Ian Ruthven

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Community detection using hierarchical clustering based on edge-weighted similarity in cloud environment
Chunlin Li | Jingpan Bai | Wenjun Zhao | Xihao Yang

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Impact of response latency on sponsored search
Xiao Bai | Berkant Barla Cambazoglu

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Synset expansion on translation graph for automatic wordnet construction
Gönenç Ercan | Farid Haziyev

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Influence of social conversational features on language identification in highly multilingual online conversations
Neelakshi Sarma | Sanasam Ranbir Singh | Diganta Goswami

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Supervised Hebb rule based feature selection for text classification
Heyong Wang | Ming Hong

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Building user profiles based on sequences for content and collaborative filtering
Pablo Sánchez | Alejandro Bellogín

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Multi-label Arabic text categorization: A benchmark and baseline comparison of multi-label learning algorithms
Bassam Al-Salemi | Masri Ayob | Graham Kendall | Shahrul Azman Mohd. Noah

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Improving educational web search for question-like queries through subject classification
Tolga Yilmaz | Rifat Ozcan | Ismail Sengor Altingovde | Özgür Ulusoy

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A tale of two epidemics: Contextual Word2Vec for classifying twitter streams during outbreaks
Aparup Khatua | Apalak Khatua | Erik Cambria