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2019 Volume 22 Issue 5

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Special issue on de-personalisation, diversification, filter bubbles and search
Ralf Bierig | Simon Caton

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The impact of result diversification on search behaviour and performance
David Maxwell | Leif Azzopardi | Yashar Moshfeghi

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Optimizing the recency-relevance-diversity trade-offs in non-personalized news recommendations
Abhijnan Chakraborty | Saptarshi Ghosh | Niloy Ganguly | Krishna P. Gummadi

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On the impact of group size on collaborative search effectiveness
Felipe Moraes | Kilian Grashoff | Claudia Hauff

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Abstraction of query auto completion logs for anonymity-preserving analysis
Unni Krishnan | Bodo Billerbeck | Alistair Moffat | Justin Zobel