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2019 Volume 70 Issue 10

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Identifying the business model dimensions of data sharing: A value-based approach
Alvaro E. Arenas | Jie Mein Goh | Brian Matthews

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Small worlds in a distant land: International newcomer students' local information behaviors in unfamiliar environments
Chi Young Oh | Brian Butler

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Improving author verification based on topic modeling
Nektaria Potha | Efstathios Stamatatos

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Authorship of Pauline epistles revisited
Jacques Savoy

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From zero to one: A perspective on citing
Yong Huang | Yi Bu | Ying Ding | Wei Lu

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Synergy in the knowledge base of U.S. innovation systems at national, state, and regional levels: The contributions of high-tech manufacturing and knowledge-intensive services
Loet Leydesdorff | Caroline S. Wagner | Igone Porto Gómez | Jordan A. Comins | Fred Phillips

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Science and its significant other: Representing the humanities in bibliometric scholarship
Thomas Franssen | Paul Wouters

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Does the web of science accurately represent chinese scientific performance?
Fei Shu | Charles-Antoine Julien | Vincent Larivière

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Communication and Self-Presentation Behavior on Academic Social Networking Sites: An Exploratory Case Study on Profiles and Discussion Threads on ResearchGate
Anika Ostermaier-Grabow | Stephanie B. Linek

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Playing With Feelings: Video Games and Affect. Anable, Aubrey. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press, 2018. 200 pp. (ISBN 978-1-5179-0025-0)
Emily Flynn-Jones

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Coping with Illness Digitally. Stephen A. Rains (Ed.). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2018. 240 pp. (ISBN 9780262038287)
Jin Zhang

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