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2019 Volume 70 Issue 11

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Places in Information Science
Ross S. Purves | Stephan Winter | Werner Kuhn

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Opinion convergence versus polarization: examining opinion distributions in online word-of-mouth
Jianxiong Huang | Wai Fong Boh | Kim Huat Goh

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Improving question retrieval in community question answering service using dependency relations and question classification
Kyoungman Bae | Youngjoong Ko

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Understanding characteristics of semantic associations in health consumer generated knowledge representation in social media
Min Sook Park

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A comparison of unimodal and multimodal models for implicit detection of relevance in interactive IR
Roberto I. González-Ibáñez | Aileen Esparza-Villamán | Juan Carlos Vargas-Godoy | Chirag Shah

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The role of domain knowledge in document selection from search results
Jingjing Liu | Xiangmin Zhang

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Understanding user behavior in naturalistic information search tasks
Tung Thanh Vuong | Miamaria Saastamoinen | Giulio Jacucci | Tuukka Ruotsalo

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Developing a scholar classification scheme from publication patterns in academic science: A cluster analysis approach
Xin Gu | Karen L. Blackmore

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An Investigation of the Impact of Data Breach Severity on the Readability of Mandatory Data Breach Notification Letters: Evidence From U.S. Firms
Stephen Jackson | Nadia Vanteeva | Colm Fearon

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Mobile Search Behaviors: An In-Depth Analysis Based on Contexts, APPs, and Devices. Dan Wu and Shaobo Liang. Synthesis Lectures on Information Concepts, Retrieval, and Services. San Rafael, CA: Morgan & Claypool, 2018
Stefano Mizzaro | Ivan Scagnetto

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Register Variation Online. Douglas Biber and Jesse Egbert. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. 2018
Lynne Bowker

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