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2019 Volume 70 Issue 12

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Information behavior and information practices: A special issue for research on people's engagement with technology
David K. Allen | Lisa M. Given | Gary Burnett | Stan Karanasios

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Information experience in personally meaningful activities
Tim Gorichanaz

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Untangling the knot: The information practices of enthusiast car restorers
Annemaree Lloyd | Michael Olsson

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Materiality in information environments: Objects, spaces, and bodies in three outpatient hemodialysis facilities
Tiffany C. Veinot | Casey S. Pierce

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"That looks like me or something i can do": Affordances and constraints in the online identity work of US LGBTQ+ millennials
Vanessa Kitzie

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Revisiting personal information management through information practices with activity tracking technology
Yuanyuan Feng | Denise E. Agosto

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Bias effects, synergistic effects, and information contingency effects: Developing and testing an extended information adoption model in social Q&A
Yongqiang Sun | Nan Wang | Xiao-Liang Shen | Xi Zhang

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The Things We Talk About When We Talk About Browsing: An Empirical Typology of Library Browsing Behavior
Dana McKay | Shanton Chang | Wally Smith | George Buchanan

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The processes of maker learning and information behavior in a technology-rich high school class
Kyungwon Koh | John T. Snead | Kun Lu

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