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2019 Volume 70 Issue 4

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The social informatics of knowledge
Eric T. Meyer | Kalpana Shankar | Matthew Willis | Sarika Sharma | Steve Sawyer

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Personalization of knowledge, personal knowledge ecology, and digital nomadism
Mohammad Hossein Jarrahi | Gabriela Phillips | Will Sutherland | Steve Sawyer | Ingrid Erickson

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Assembling narratives: Tensions in collaborative construction of knowledge
Emad Khazraee

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Assessing intercultural communication: Testing technology tools for information sharing in multinational research teams
Wesley S. Ward | Lisa M. Given

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Artificial intelligence in healthcare robots: A social informatics study of knowledge embodiment
L. G. Pee | Shan L. Pan | Lili Cui

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Uncovering unintended and shadow practices of users of decision support system dashboards in higher education institutions
Chase McCoy | Howard Rosenbaum

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Knowledge withholding in online knowledge spaces: Social deviance behavior and secondary control perspective
Xiao-Liang Shen | Yangjun Li | Yongqiang Sun | Jun Chen | Feng Wang

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Cyber-human systems of thought and understanding
Fred Fonseca | Michael Marcinkowski | Clodoveu A. Davis Jr.

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The Social Informatics of Ignorance
Devon L. Greyson

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