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2019 Volume 70 Issue 6

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Cocluster hypothesis and ranking consistency for relevance ranking in web search
Jian-De Jiang | Jyun-Yu Jiang | Pu-Jen Cheng

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On-demand recent personal tweets summarization on mobile devices
Jin Yao Chin | Sourav S. Bhowmick | Adam Jatowt

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Motivations for self-archiving on an academic social networking site: A study on researchgate
Jongwook Lee | Sanghee Oh | Hang Dong | Fang Wang | Gary Burnett

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Distributed data and ontologies: An integrated semantic web architecture enabling more efficient data management
Oliver Browne | Philip O'Reilly | Mark Hutchinson | Nenad B. Krdzavac

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Social Information as a Means to Enhance Engagement in Citizen Science-Based Telerehabilitation
Shinnosuke Nakayama | Tyrone J. Tolbert | Oded Nov | Maurizio Porfiri

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Create synergies and inspire collaborations around the development of intelligent infrastructure for human-centered communities
Yi Shen

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Alphabetic or Contributor Author Order. What Is the Norm in Danish Economics and Political Science and Why?
Dorte Henriksen

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Documentation and access to knowledge in online communities: Know your audience and write appropriately?
Carsten S. Østerlund | Kevin Crowston

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Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Recognizing System-Initiated Engagement as Interaction Type
Christopher Lueg | Bridgette Banks | Josephine Michalek | Jack Dimsey | Dominic Oswin

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The Internet of Things. Bunz, Mercedes and Meikle, Graham. New York: Polity/Digital Media and Society Press, 2018
Steve Sawyer

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