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2019 Volume 70 Issue 7

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Health outcomes of online consumer health information: A systematic mixed studies review with framework synthesis
Pierre Pluye | Reem El Sherif | Vera Granikov | Quan Nha Hong | Isabelle Vedel | Maria Cristiane Barbosa Galvão | Francesca E. Y. Frati | Sophie Desroches | Carol Repchinsky | Benoît Rihoux | France Légaré | Bernard Burnand | Mathieu Bujold | Roland M. Grad

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Identifying social roles using heterogeneous features in online social networks
Yezheng Liu | Fei Du | Jianshan Sun | Thushari P. Silva | Yuanchun Jiang | Tingting Zhu

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Automatic detection of influencers in social networks: Authority versus domain signals
Javier Rodríguez-Vidal | Julio Gonzalo | Laura Plaza | Henry Anaya-Sánchez

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Scale-free collaboration networks: An author name disambiguation perspective
Jinseok Kim

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Semantic web or web of data? a diachronic study (1999 to 2017) of the publications of tim berners-lee and the world wide web consortium
Luís Miguel Oliveira Machado | Renato Rocha Souza | Maria da Graça Simões

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An analysis of natural disaster-related information-seeking behavior using temporal stages
Rahmi Rahmi | Hideo Joho | Tetsuya Shirai

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CLEU - A Cross-language english-urdu corpus and benchmark for text reuse experiments
Iqra Muneer | Muhammad Sharjeel | Muntaha Iqbal | Rao Muhammad Adeel Nawab | Paul Rayson

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"Connections above and beyond": Information, translation, and community boundaries in LibraryThing and Goodreads
Adam Worrall

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Motivations, understandings, and experiences of open-access mega-journal authors: Results of a large-scale survey
Simon Wakeling | Claire Creaser | Stephen Pinfield | Jenny Fry | Valérie Spezi | Peter Willett | Monica Lestari Paramita

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Transitioning Towards a Knowledge Society: Qatar as a Case Study. Gremm, Julia, Barth, Julia, Fietkiewicz, Kaja J., and Stock, Wolfgang G.. Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing, 2018
Mohammed M. Aman

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