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2019 Volume 53 Issue 1

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Report on the 1st ACM SIGIR/SIGKDD Africa School on Machine Learning for Data Mining and Search
Ben Carterette | Hussein Suleman | Douglas W. Oard

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Report on the Second International Workshop on Narrative Extraction from Texts (Text2Story 2019)
Alípio M. Jorge | Ricardo Campos | Adam Jatowt | Sumit Bhatia | Arian Pasquali | João Paulo Cordeiro | Conceição Rocha | Vítor Mangaravite

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Report on the 8th International Workshop on Bibliometric-Enhanced Information Retrieval (BIR 2019)
Guillaume Cabanac | Ingo Frommholz | Philipp Mayr

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Report on the CHIIR 2019 Second Workshop on Evaluation of Personalisation in Information Retrieval (WEPIR 2019)
Gareth J. F. Jones | Nicholas J. Belkin | Séamus Lawless | Gabriella Pasi

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Analysing political events on Twitter: topic modelling and user community classification
Anjie Fang

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Modelling search and stopping in interactive information retrieval
David Maxwell

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A framework for technology-assisted sensitivity review: using sensitivity classification to prioritise documents for review
Graham McDonald

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Information retrieval models for recommender systems
Daniel Valcarce