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2019 Volume 10 Issue 2

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Federated Machine Learning: Concept and Applications
Qiang Yang | Yang Liu | Tianjian Chen | Yongxin Tong

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A Survey of Zero-Shot Learning: Settings, Methods, and Applications
Wei Wang | Vincent W. Zheng | Han Yu | Chunyan Miao

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Goal and Plan Recognition Design for Plan Libraries
Reuth Mirsky | Kobi Gal | Roni Stern | Meir Kalech

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Enumerating Connected Subgraphs and Computing the Myerson and Shapley Values in Graph-Restricted Games
Oskar Skibski | Talal Rahwan | Tomasz P. Michalak | Michael J. Wooldridge

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Understanding Event Organization at Scale in Event-Based Social Networks
Jason Shuo Zhang | Qin Lv

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Inferring Online Social Ties from Offline Geographical Activities
Hsun-Ping Hsieh | Cheng-Te Li

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Reconstruction of Hidden Representation for Robust Feature Extraction
Zeng Yu | Tianrui Li | Ning Yu | Yi Pan | Hongmei Chen | Bing Liu

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A Simple Baseline for Travel Time Estimation using Large-scale Trip Data
Hongjian Wang | Xianfeng Tang | Yu-Hsuan Kuo | Daniel Kifer | Zhenhui Li

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Deep Multi-scale Discriminative Networks for Double JPEG Compression Forensics
Cheng Deng | Zhao Li | Xinbo Gao | Dacheng Tao