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2019 Volume 10 Issue 5

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Introduction to the Special Section on Advances in Causal Discovery and Inference
Jiuyong Li | Kun Zhang | Emre Kiciman | Peng Cui

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Estimating and Controlling the False Discovery Rate of the PC Algorithm Using Edge-specific P-Values
Eric V. Strobl | Peter L. Spirtes | Shyam Visweswaran

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Detecting Causal Relationships in Simulation Models Using Intervention-based Counterfactual Analysis
Benjamin Herd | Simon Miles

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Stable Specification Search in Structural Equation Models with Latent Variables
Ridho Rahmadi | Perry Groot | Tom Heskes

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Local Learning Approaches for Finding Effects of a Specified Cause and Their Causal Paths
Yue Liu | Zheng Cai | Chunchen Liu | Zhi Geng

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Measuring Conditional Independence by Independent Residuals for Causal Discovery
Hao Zhang | Shuigeng Zhou | Jihong Guan | Jun Huan

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Toward Accounting for Hidden Common Causes When Inferring Cause and Effect from Observational Data
David Heckerman

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BAMB: A Balanced Markov Blanket Discovery Approach to Feature Selection
Zhaolong Ling | Kui Yu | Hao Wang | Lin Liu | Wei Ding | Xindong Wu

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Multi-View Fusion with Extreme Learning Machine for Clustering
Yongshan Zhang | Jia Wu | Chuan Zhou | Zhihua Cai | Jian Yang | Philip S. Yu

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Take a Look Around: Using Street View and Satellite Images to Estimate House Prices
Stephen Law | Brooks Paige | Chris Russell

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Distributed Deep Forest and its Application to Automatic Detection of Cash-Out Fraud
Ya-Lin Zhang | Jun Zhou | Wenhao Zheng | Ji Feng | Longfei Li | Ziqi Liu | Ming Li | Zhiqiang Zhang | Chaochao Chen | Xiaolong Li | Yuan (Alan) Qi | Zhi-Hua Zhou

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Correlated Multi-label Classification with Incomplete Label Space and Class Imbalance
Ali Braytee | Wei Liu | Ali Anaissi | Paul J. Kennedy

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An Analysis of Approaches Taken in the ACM RecSys Challenge 2018 for Automatic Music Playlist Continuation
Hamed Zamani | Markus Schedl | Paul Lamere | Ching-Wei Chen

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RecRules: Recommending IF-THEN Rules for End-User Development
Fulvio Corno | Luigi De Russis | Alberto Monge Roffarello

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PlayeRank: Data-driven Performance Evaluation and Player Ranking in Soccer via a Machine Learning Approach
Luca Pappalardo | Paolo Cintia | Paolo Ferragina | Emanuele Massucco | Dino Pedreschi | Fosca Giannotti