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2020 Volume 10 Issue 3

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Prediction of Water Level Using Time Series, Wavelet and Neural Network Approaches
Nguyen Quang Dat | Thi Ngoc Anh Nguyen | Vijender Kumar Solanki | Le An Ngô

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Ranking with Genetics: Improving Document Ranking With Genetic and Optimization Algorithms
Lawrence Master

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Towards a Model to Improve Boolean Knowledge Mapping by Using Text Mining and Its Applications: Case Study in Healthcare
Menaouer Brahami | Sabri Mohammed | Matta Nada

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Incremental Refinement of Page Ranking of Web Pages
Prem Sagar Sharma | Divakar Yadav

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Dynamic Data Retrieval Using Incremental Clustering and Indexing
Uma Priya D | P. Santhi Thilagam