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2020 Volume 57 Issue 1

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A content-location-aware public welfare activity information push system based on microblog
Ling Chen | Dandan Lyu | Zhenxing Xu | Hanyu Long | Gencai Chen

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Adverse drug event detection and extraction from open data: A deep learning approach
Brandon Fan | Weiguo Fan | Carly Smith | Harold Garner

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An extensive study on the evolution of context-aware personalized travel recommender systems
Shini Renjith | A. Sreekumar | M. Jathavedan

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Arabic text classification using deep learning models
Ashraf Elnagar | Ridhwan Al Debsi | Omar Einea

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Automatic identification of eyewitness messages on twitter during disasters
Kiran Zahra | Muhammad Imran | Frank O. Ostermann

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Deep adversarial model for musculoskeletal quality evaluation

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Discovering attractive segments in the user-generated video streams
Zheng Wang | Jie Zhou | Jing Ma | Jingjing Li | Jiangbo Ai | Yang Yang

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Hybrid context enriched deep learning model for fine-grained sentiment analysis in textual and visual semiotic modality social data
Akshi Kumar | Kathiravan Srinivasan | Wen-Huang Cheng | Albert Y. Zomaya

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Multi-modal product title compression
Lianhai Miao | Da Cao | Juntao Li | Weili Guan

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Opinion spam detection: Using multi-iterative graph-based model
Shirin Noekhah | Naomie Binti Salim | Nor Hawaniah Zakaria

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Rapid relevance classification of social media posts in disasters and emergencies: A system and evaluation featuring active, incremental and online learning
Marc-André Kaufhold | Markus Bayer | Christian Reuter

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Reposting negative information on microblogs: Do personality traits matter?
Chunxiao Yin | Xiaofei Zhang | Libo Liu

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SNSJam: Road traffic analysis and prediction by fusing data from multiple social networks
Balsam Alkouz | Zaher Al Aghbari

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Special issue on informatics/data analytics in smart tourism
Chulmo Koo | Lorenzo Cantoni

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The effect of the perceived risk on the adoption of the sharing economy in the tourism industry: The case of Airbnb
Jisu Yi | Gao Yuan | Changsok Yoo

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Toward creating a fairer ranking in search engine results
Ruoyuan Gao | Chirag Shah

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Towards a real-time processing framework based on improved distributed recurrent neural network variants with fastText for social big data analytics
Badr Ait Hammou | Ayoub Ait Lahcen | Salma Mouline

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Using multi-features to partition users for friends recommendation in location based social network
Mingjun Xin | Lijun Wu

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Voluntary sharing and mandatory provision: Private information disclosure on social networking sites
Kai Li | Liangqi Cheng | Ching-I Teng

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You talkin' to me? Exploring Human/Bot Communication Patterns during Riot Events
Ema Kusen | Mark Strembeck