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2020 Volume 23 Issue 3

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Axiomatic thinking for information retrieval: introduction to special issue
Enrique Amigó | Hui Fang | Stefano Mizzaro | Chengxiang Zhai

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An axiomatic approach to corpus-based cross-language information retrieval
Razieh Rahimi | Ali Montazeralghaem | Azadeh Shakery

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On the foundations of similarity in information access
Enrique Amigó | Fernando Giner | Julio Gonzalo | Felisa Verdejo

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Evaluation measures for quantification: an axiomatic approach
Fabrizio Sebastiani

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How do interval scales help us with better understanding IR evaluation measures?
Marco Ferrante | Nicola Ferro | Eleonora Losiouk

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On the nature of information access evaluation metrics: a unifying framework
Enrique Amigó | Stefano Mizzaro