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2020 Volume 71 Issue 10

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Understanding the uncertainty of disaster tweets and its effect on retweeting: The perspectives of uncertainty reduction theory and information entropy
Jaebong Son | Jintae Lee | Kai R. Larsen | Jiyoung Woo

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Co-contributorship network and division of labor in individual scientific collaborations
Chao Lu | Yingyi Zhang | Yong-Yeol Ahn | Ying Ding | Chenwei Zhang | Dandan Ma

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User adoption of physician's replies in an online health community: An empirical study
Yanli Zhang | Xinmiao Li | Weiguo Fan

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A joint neural network model for combining heterogeneous user data sources: An example of at-risk student prediction
Chen Qiao | Xiao Hu

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Getting ready to reduce the digital divide: Scenarios of Lithuanian public libraries
Zinaida Manzuch | Elena Maceviciute

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Scientific journals still matter in the era of academic search engines and preprint archives
Lanu Kim | Jason Portenoy | Jevin D. West | Katherine Stovel

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A matter of trust: Higher education institutions as information fiduciaries in an age of educational data mining and learning analytics
Kyle M. L. Jones | Alan Rubel | Ellen LeClere

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Design partnerships for participatory librarianship: A conceptual model for understanding librarians co designing With digital youth
Jason C. Yip | Kung Jin Lee | Jin Ha Lee

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The citation advantage of promoted articles in a cross-publisher distribution platform: A 12-month randomized controlled trial
Paul Kudlow | Devin Bissky Dziadyk | Alan Rutledge | Aviv Shachak | Gunther Eysenbach

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Machine translation and global research: Towards improved machine translation literacy in the scholarly community. Bowker, Lynne and Ciro, Jairo B.. Bingley, UK: Emerald Publishing, 2019. (ISBN 9781787567221)
Krystyna K. Matusiak

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