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2020 Volume 71 Issue 11

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Female librarians and male computer programmers? Gender bias in occupational images on digital media platforms
Vivek K. Singh | Mary Chayko | Raj Inamdar | Diana Floegel

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Older adults' credibility assessment of online health information: An exploratory study using an extended typology of web credibility
Wonchan Choi

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Toward a document-centered ontological theory for information architecture in corporations
Mauricio Barcellos Almeida | Eduardo Ribeiro Felipe | Renata Barcelos

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Unified deep neural network for segmentation and labeling of multipanel biomedical figures
Jie Zou | George R. Thoma | Sameer K. Antani

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Research leadership flow determinants and the role of proximity in research collaborations
Chaocheng He | Jiang Wu | Qingpeng Zhang

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How different Are crowdfunders? Examining archetypes of crowdfunders
Yan Lin | Wai Fong Boh

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Multilingual publishing in the social sciences and humanities: A seven-country European study
Emanuel Kulczycki | Raf Guns | Janne Pölönen | Tim C. E. Engels | Ewa A. Rozkosz | Alesia A. Zuccala | Kasper Bruun | Olli Eskola | Andreja Istenic Starcic | Michal Petr | Gunnar Sivertsen

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Demarcating spectrums of predatory publishing: Economic and institutional sources of academic legitimacy
Kyle Siler

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Information informing design: Information Science research with implications for the design of digital information environments
Stephann Makri

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Minty, Ella. Social media and the Islamic state: Can public relations succeed where conventional diplomacy failed?. London, NY: Routledge, 2020, XV, 98 pp. £29.99 (paperback) (ISBN 9780367188160)
Wolfgang G. Stock

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