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2020 Volume 71 Issue 12

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Global health crises are also information crises: A call to action
Bo Xie | Daqing He | Tim Mercer | Youfa Wang | Dan Wu | Kenneth R. Fleischmann | Yan Zhang | Linda H. Yoder | Keri K. Stephens | Michael Mackert | Min Kyung Lee

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The scalability of different file-sharing methods
Ofer Bergman | Tamar Israeli | Steve Whittaker

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Toward community-inclusive data ecosystems: Challenges and opportunities of open data for community-based organizations
Ayoung Yoon | Andrea J. Copeland

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The stability of Twitter metrics: A study on unavailable Twitter mentions of scientific publications
Zhichao Fang | Jonathan Dudek | Rodrigo Costas

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Library cultures of data curation: Adventures in astronomy
Peter T. Darch | Ashley E. Sands | Christine L. Borgman | Milena S. Golshan

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Laypeople's source selection in online health information-seeking process
Yu Chi | Daqing He | Wei Jeng

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Pirate open access as electronic civil disobedience: Is it ethical to breach the paywalls of monetized academic publishing?
Jack E. James

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Lupton, Deborah. Data selves: More-than-human perspectives. New York, NY: Polity Press, 2019
Tim Gorichanaz

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The Great Hack (documentary film). Produced and directed by Karim Amer and Jehane Noujaim. Netflix, 2019
Michael Seadle

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Response to the book review of America's Information Wars
Colin B. Burke

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