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2020 Volume 71 Issue 2

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Down the rabbit hole: Investigating disruption of the information encountering process
Stephann Makri | Lily Buckley

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Toward action comprehension for searching: Mining actionable intents in query entities
Xin Kang | Yunong Wu | Fuji Ren

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Cognitive mechanisms in sensemaking: A qualitative user study
Pengyi Zhang | Dagobert Soergel

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Data objects and documenting scientific processes: An analysis of data events in biodiversity data papers
Kai Li | Jane Greenberg | Jillian Dunic

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A user sensitive subject protection approach for book search service
Zongda Wu | Renchao Li | Zhifeng Zhou | Junfang Guo | Jionghui Jiang | Xinning Su

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Modeling the online health information seeking process: Information channel selection among university students
Laura Sbaffi | Chen Zhao

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Community building as an effective user engagement strategy: A case study in academic libraries
Richard Gruss | Alan S. Abrahams | Yuhyun Song | Daniel Berry | Sultan M. Al-Daihani

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Should we introduce a dislike button for academic articles?
Agnieszka Geras | Grzegorz Siudem | Marek Gagolewski

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Historical reasoning in authentic research tasks: Mapping cognitive and document spaces
Sanna Kumpulainen | Heikki Keskustalo | Boyang Zhang | Kostas Stefanidis

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A rebuttal of the book review of the book titled "The Consciousness' Drive: Information Need and the Search for Meaning"
Charles Cole

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Smart World Cities in the 21st Century. Agnes, Mainka. Boston: Walter de Gruyter, 2018, 266 pp. (ISBN 978-3-11-057525-5)
Jacques Christiaan du Plessis

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The Politics of Mass Digitization. Nanna Bonde Thylstrup. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2018, 216 pp. (ISBN 9780262036870)
Paul Conway

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