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2020 Volume 71 Issue 3

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Examining users' partial query modification patterns in voice search
Ning Sa | Xiaojun (Jenny) Yuan

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A simple kernel co-occurrence-based enhancement for pseudo-relevance feedback
Min Pan | Jimmy Xiangji Huang | Tingting He | Zhiming Mao | Zhiwei Ying | Xinhui Tu

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Public health and social media: A study of Zika virus-related posts on Yahoo! Answers
Jin Zhang | Ye Chen | Yuehua Zhao | Dietmar Wolfram | Feicheng Ma

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Recommendations and privacy in the arXiv system: A simulation experiment using historical data
Vladimir Menkov | Paul Ginsparg | Paul B. Kantor

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Authors' status and the perceived quality of their work: Measuring citation sentiment change in nobel articles
Erjia Yan | Zheng Chen | Kai Li

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Curation as "Interoperability With the Future": Preserving Scholarly Research Software in Academic Libraries
Alexandra Chassanoff | Micah Altman

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Perceived quality and self-identity in scholarly publishing
Lars Moksness | Svein Ottar Olsen

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Personalization in text information retrieval: A survey
Jingjing Liu | Chang Liu | Nicholas J. Belkin

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A Simple Paradigm for Augmenting the Euclidean Index to Reflect Journal Impact and Visibility
M. Ryan Haley

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The Archived Web: Doing History in the Digital Age. Brügger, Niels. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2018. (ISBN 9780262039024)
Matthew S. Weber

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