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2020 Volume 71 Issue 4

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Designing sustainable online support: Examining the effects of design change in 49 online health support communities
Joshua Introne | Ingrid Erickson | Bryan C. Semaan | Sean P. Goggins

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Global village or virtual balkans? evolution and performance of scientific collaboration in the information age
Xinlin Yao | Cheng Zhang | Zhe Qu | Bernard C. Y. Tan

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Social informatics of information value cocreation: A case study of xiaomi's online user community
Loo Geok Pee | Shan L. Pan | Mingwei Li | Suling Jia

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Crowd characteristics and crowd wisdom: Evidence from an online investment community
Hong Hong | Qiang Ye | Qianzhou Du | G. Alan Wang | Weiguo Fan

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Do cognitive and affective expressions matter in purchase conversion? A live chat perspective
Lele Kang | Chuan-Hoo Tan | J. Leon Zhao

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Viewpoints in indexing term assignment
David Bodoff | Yaffa Richter-Levin

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Survival analysis of author keywords: An application to the library and information sciences area
Fernanda Peset | Fernanda Garzón-Farinós | Luis Millan González Moreno | Xavier García-Massó | Antonia Ferrer-Sapena | José Luis Toca-Herrera | Enrique Alfonso Sánchez-Pérez

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The Social Construction of Risk in Digital Preservation
Rebecca D. Frank

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A contextual approach to information privacy research
Philip Fei Wu | Jessica Vitak | Michael T. Zimmer

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Professional Organizations in Twittersphere: An Empirical Study of U.S. Library and Information Science Professional Organizations-Related Tweets
Min Zhang | Yin Zhang

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Information at Work: Information Management in the Workplace. Edited by Katriina Byström, Jannica Heinström, and Ian Ruthven. London: Facet Publishing, 2019. (ISBN 9781783302758)
Isto Huvila

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