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2020 Volume 71 Issue 9

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Editorial introduction: "Information privacy in the digital age"
Michael Zimmer | Jessica Vitak | Philip Fei Wu

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Disaster privacy/privacy disaster
Madelyn R. Sanfilippo | Yan Shvartzshnaider | Irwin Reyes | Helen Nissenbaum | Serge Egelman

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"To protect my health or to protect my health privacy?" A mixed-methods investigation of the privacy paradox
Grace Fox

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"The dearest of our possessions": Applying Floridi's information privacy concept in models of information behavior and information literacy
David Bawden | Lyn Robinson

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"We're being tracked at all times": Student perspectives of their privacy in relation to learning analytics in higher education
Kyle M. L. Jones | Andrew D. Asher | Abigail Goben | Michael R. Perry | Dorothea Salo | Kristin A. Briney | M. Brooke Robertshaw

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Risks, benefits, and control of information: Two studies of smart electric meter privacy
Angela Usha Ramnarine-Rieks | Jason L. Dedrick | Jeffrey M. Stanton

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"I Don't Want Someone to Watch Me While I'm Working": Gendered Views of Facial Recognition Technology in Workplace Surveillance
Luke Stark | Amanda C. Stanhaus | Denise L. Anthony

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Online privacy concerns and privacy protection strategies among older adults in East York, Canada
Anabel Quan-Haase | Dennis Ho

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#BlockSidewalk to Barcelona: Technological sovereignty and the social license to operate smart cities
Monique Mann | Peta Mitchell | Marcus Foth | Irina Anastasiu

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The personal information sphere: An integral approach to privacy and related information and communication rights
Sarah Eskens

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Cultural factors and the role of privacy concerns in acceptance of government surveillance
Nik Thompson | Tanya Jane McGill | Anna Bunn | Rukshan Alexander

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