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2020 Volume 3 Issue 1

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User Models for Culture-Aware Music Recommendation: Fusing Acoustic and Cultural Cues
Eva Zangerle | Martin Pichl | Markus Schedl

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Modeling Popularity and Temporal Drift of Music Genre Preferences
Elisabeth Lex | Dominik Kowald | Markus Schedl

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Erkomaishvili Dataset: A Curated Corpus of Traditional Georgian Vocal Music for Computational Musicology
Sebastian Rosenzweig | Frank Scherbaum | David Shugliashvili | Vlora Arifi-Müller | Meinard Müller

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Not All Roads Lead to Rome: Pitch Representation and Model Architecture for Automatic Harmonic Analysis
Gianluca Micchi | Mark Gotham | Mathieu Giraud

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Creating DALI, a Large Dataset of Synchronized Audio, Lyrics, and Notes
Gabriel Meseguer-Brocal | Alice Cohen-Hadria | Geoffroy Peeters

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Investigating the Perceptual Validity of Evaluation Metrics for Automatic Piano Music Transcription
Adrien Ycart | Lele Liu | Emmanouil Benetos | Marcus T. Pearce

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Unveiling the Hierarchical Structure of Music by Multi-Resolution Community Detection
Jacopo de Berardinis | Michalis Vamvakaris | Angelo Cangelosi | Eduardo Coutinho

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Dagstuhl ChoirSet: A Multitrack Dataset for MIR Research on Choral Singing
Sebastian Rosenzweig | Helena Cuesta | Christof Weiß | Frank Scherbaum | Emilia Gómez | Meinard Müller

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Music Tempo Estimation: Are We Done Yet?
Hendrik Schreiber | Julián Urbano | Meinard Müller

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Music Information Retrieval and Contemporary Classical Music: A Successful Failure
Carmine-Emanuele Cella

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Structural Segmentation of Alap in Dhrupad Vocal Concerts
Preeti Rao | Thallam Prasad Vinutha | Mattur Ananthanarayana Rohit

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The Tonal Diffusion Model
Robert Lieck | Fabian C. Moss | Martin Rohrmeier

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Intelligent User Interfaces for Music Discovery
Peter Knees | Markus Schedl | Masataka Goto

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MTD: A Multimodal Dataset of Musical Themes for MIR Research
Frank Zalkow | Stefan Balke | Vlora Arifi-Müller | Meinard Müller

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Diversifying MIR: Knowledge and Real-World Challenges, and New Interdisciplinary Futures
Georgina Born

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Using Note-Level Music Encodings to Facilitate Interdisciplinary Research on Human Engagement with Music
Johanna Devaney

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Introduction to the Special Collection "20th Anniversary of ISMIR"
Arthur Flexer | Florence Levé | Geoffroy Peeters | Julián Urbano

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An Interdisciplinary Review of Music Performance Analysis
Alexander Lerch | Claire Arthur | Ashis Pati | Siddharth Gururani

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Audio-Based Music Structure Analysis: Current Trends, Open Challenges, and Applications
Oriol Nieto | Gautham J. Mysore | Cheng-i Wang | Jordan B. L. Smith | Jan Schlüter | Thomas Grill | Brian McFee