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2020 Volume 38 Issue 1

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Geographic Diversification of Recommended POIs in Frequently Visited Areas
Jungkyu Han | Hayato Yamana

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Understanding Assimilation-contrast Effects in Online Rating Systems: Modelling, Debiasing, and Applications
Xiaoying Zhang | Hong Xie | Junzhou Zhao | John C. S. Lui

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BoRe: Adapting to Reader Consumption Behavior Instability for News Recommendation
Pengtao Lv | Xiangwu Meng | Yujie Zhang

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Explainable Product Search with a Dynamic Relation Embedding Model
Qingyao Ai | Yongfeng Zhang | Keping Bi | W. Bruce Croft

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A Multi-Label Classification Method Using a Hierarchical and Transparent Representation for Paper-Reviewer Recommendation
Dong Zhang | Shu Zhao | Zhen Duan | Jie Chen | Yanping Zhang | Jie Tang

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A Deep Learning Architecture for Psychometric Natural Language Processing
Faizan Ahmad | Ahmed Abbasi | Jingjing Li | David G. Dobolyi | Richard G. Netemeyer | Gari D. Clifford | Hsinchun Chen

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Next-Item Recommendation via Collaborative Filtering with Bidirectional Item Similarity
Zijie Zeng | Jing Lin | Lin Li | Weike Pan | Zhong Ming

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Emotional Conversation Generation Based on a Bayesian Deep Neural Network
Xiao Sun | Jia Li | Xing Wei | Changliang Li | Jianhua Tao

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The Effects of Task Complexity on the Use of Different Types of Information in a Search Assistance Tool
Bogeum Choi | Austin R. Ward | Yuan Li | Jaime Arguello | Robert Capra

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Investigating Searchers' Mental Models to Inform Search Explanations
Paul Thomas | Bodo Billerbeck | Nick Craswell | Ryen W. White

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Improving Implicit Recommender Systems with Auxiliary Data
Jingtao Ding | Guanghui Yu | Yong Li | Xiangnan He | Depeng Jin