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2020 Volume 38 Issue 4

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Enhancing Employer Brand Evaluation with Collaborative Topic Regression Models
Hao Lin | Hengshu Zhu | Junjie Wu | Yuan Zuo | Chen Zhu | Hui Xiong

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Large-Alphabet Semi-Static Entropy Coding Via Asymmetric Numeral Systems
Alistair Moffat | Matthias Petri

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CRSAL: Conversational Recommender Systems with Adversarial Learning
Xuhui Ren | Hongzhi Yin | Tong Chen | Hao Wang | Nguyen Quoc Viet Hung | Zi Huang | Xiangliang Zhang

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A Survey on Heterogeneous One-class Collaborative Filtering
Xiancong Chen | Lin Li | Weike Pan | Zhong Ming

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Pairwise Link Prediction Model for Out of Vocabulary Knowledge Base Entities
Richong Zhang | Samuel Mensah | Fanshuang Kong | Zhiyuan Hu | Yongyi Mao | Xudong Liu

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Fine-Grained Privacy Detection with Graph-Regularized Hierarchical Attentive Representation Learning
Xiaolin Chen | Xuemeng Song | Ruiyang Ren | Lei Zhu | Zhiyong Cheng | Liqiang Nie

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Learning Unsupervised Knowledge-Enhanced Representations to Reduce the Semantic Gap in Information Retrieval
Maristella Agosti | Stefano Marchesin | Gianmaria Silvello

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Explaining Text Matching on Neural Natural Language Inference
Youngwoo Kim | Myungha Jang | James Allan

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MergeDTS: A Method for Effective Large-Scale Online Ranker Evaluation
Chang Li | Ilya Markov | Maarten de Rijke | Masrour Zoghi

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When to Stop Reviewing in Technology-Assisted Reviews: Sampling from an Adaptive Distribution to Estimate Residual Relevant Documents
Dan Li | Evangelos Kanoulas

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Block-Aware Item Similarity Models for Top-N Recommendation
Yifan Chen | Yang Wang | Xiang Zhao | Jie Zou | Maarten de Rijke