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2020 Volume 39 Issue 1

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Pretrained Embeddings for Stance Detection with Hierarchical Capsule Network on Social Media
Guangzhen Zhao | Peng Yang

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Graph-based Regularization on Embedding Layers for Recommendation
Yuan Zhang | Fei Sun | Xiaoyong Yang | Chen Xu | Wenwu Ou | Yan Zhang

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End-to-End Neural Matching for Semantic Location Prediction of Tweets
Paul Mousset | Yoann Pitarch | Lynda Tamine

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How the Accuracy and Confidence of Sensitivity Classification Affects Digital Sensitivity Review
Graham McDonald | Craig Macdonald | Iadh Ounis

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Bots in Social and Interaction Networks: Detection and Impact Estimation
Marcelo Mendoza | Maurizio Tesconi | Stefano Cresci

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An Attention-based Deep Relevance Model for Few-shot Document Filtering
Bulou Liu | Chenliang Li | Wei Zhou | Feng Ji | Yu Duan | Haiqing Chen

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PONE: A Novel Automatic Evaluation Metric for Open-domain Generative Dialogue Systems
Tian Lan | Xian-Ling Mao | Wei Wei | Xiaoyan Gao | Heyan Huang

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Neural Feature-aware Recommendation with Signed Hypergraph Convolutional Network
Xu Chen | Kun Xiong | Yongfeng Zhang | Long Xia | Dawei Yin | Jimmy Xiangji Huang

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Faceted Search with Object Ranking and Answer Size Constraints
Kostas Manioudakis | Yannis Tzitzikas

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Deep Learning for Sequential Recommendation: Algorithms, Influential Factors, and Evaluations
Hui Fang | Danning Zhang | Yiheng Shu | Guibing Guo