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2020 Volume 14 Issue 1

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"The Best of Both Worlds!": Integration of Web Page and Eye Tracking Data Driven Approaches for Automatic AOI Detection
Sukru Eraslan | Yeliz Yesilada | Simon Harper

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An Outsourcing Model for Alert Analysis in a Cybersecurity Operations Center
Ankit Shah | Rajesh Ganesan | Sushil Jajodia | Hasan Cam

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A Survey of Figurative Language and Its Computational Detection in Online Social Networks
Muhammad Abulaish | Ashraf Kamal | Mohammed J. Zaki

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Improving the Accuracy of the Video Popularity Prediction Models through User Grouping and Video Popularity Classification
Masoud Hassanpour | Seyed Amir Hoseinitabatabaei | Payam M. Barnaghi | Rahim Tafazolli