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2021 Volume 72 Issue 10

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Paradigm shift in the field of information special issue editorial
Rong Tang | Bharat Mehra | Jia Tina Du | Yuxiang (Chris) Zhao

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Storytelling wisdom: Story, information, and DIKW
Kate McDowell

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Hashtags for gatekeeping of information on social media
Devendra Potnis | Iman Tahamtan

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The importance of socio-emotional considerations in online communities, social informatics, and information science
Adam Worrall | Alicia Cappello | Rachel Osolen

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Holistic information research: From rhetoric to paradigm
Sarah Polkinghorne | Lisa M. Given

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Everyone everywhere: A distributed and embedded paradigm for usability
Michael B. Twidale | David M. Nichols | Christopher Peter Lueg

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Outsiders-within-Library and Information Science: Reprioritizing the marginalized in critical sociocultural work
Nicole A. Cooke | Vanessa L. Kitzie

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Understanding information: Adding a non-individualistic lens
Yuanye Ma

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Interrupting epistemicide: A practical framework for naming, identifying, and ending epistemic injustice in the information professions
Beth Patin | Melinda Sebastian | Jieun Yeon | Danielle Bertolini | Alexandra Grimm

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