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2021 Volume 72 Issue 11

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I Alone Can Fix It: Examining interactions between narcissistic leaders and anxious followers on Twitter using a machine learning approach
Dritjon Gruda | Dimitra Karanatsiou | Kanishka Mendhekar | Jennifer Golbeck | Athena Vakali

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Knowledge creation through collaboration: The role of shared institutional affiliations and physical proximity
Bryan Stephens | Jonathon N. Cummings

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The information practices of law enforcement: Passive and active collaboration and its implication for sanctuary laws in Washington state
Yubing Tian | Ricardo Gómez | Marika Cifor | James Wilson | Henry Morgan

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Information structures in sociology research papers: Modeling cause-effect and comparison relations in research objective and result statements†
Wei-Ning Cheng | Christopher S. G. Khoo

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Gender imbalance in the productivity of funded projects: A study of the outputs of National Institutes of Health R01 grants
Chaojiang Wu | Erjia Yan | Yongjun Zhu | Kai Li

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Forensically reconstructing biomedical maintenance labor: PDF metadata under the epistemic conditions of COVID-19
James A. Hodges

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Between administration and research: Understanding data management practices in an institutional context
Stefan Reichmann | Thomas Klebel | Ilire Hasani-Mavriqi | Tony Ross-Hellauer

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Lexical data augmentation for sentiment analysis
Rong Xiang | Emmanuele Chersoni | Qin Lu | Chu-Ren Huang | Wenjie Li | Yunfei Long

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Understanding the attenuation of the accommodation recommendation spillover effect in view of spatial distance
Shiyang Lai | Ningyuan Fan

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The pandemic information gap: The brutal economics of COVID-19, Gans, Joshua, Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2020. 249. pp. 51.16 (paperback). (ISBN 9783319984872)
Kalpana Shankar

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