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2021 Volume 72 Issue 2

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Do better search engines really equate to better clinical decisions? If not, why not?
Anton van der Vegt | Guido Zuccon | Bevan Koopman

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Join the club? Peer effects on information value perception
Yonit Rusho | Daphne R. Raban

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Hierarchical attention model for personalized tag recommendation
Jianshan Sun | Mingyue Zhu | Yuanchun Jiang | Ye-Zheng Liu | Le Wu

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From bilingual to multilingual neural-based machine translation by incremental training
Carlos Escolano | Marta R. Costa-jussà | José A. R. Fonollosa

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Loosen control without losing control: Formalization and decentralization within commons-based peer production
David Rozas | Steven Huckle

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Medieval Spanish (12th-15th centuries) named entity recognition and attribute annotation system based on contextual information
María Luisa Díez Platas | Salvador Ros Muñoz | Elena González-Blanco | Pablo Ruiz Fabo | Elena Álvarez Mellado

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Do the stars align?: Stakeholders and strategies in libraries' curation of an astronomy dataset
Peter T. Darch | Ashley E. Sands | Christine L. Borgman | Milena S. Golshan

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Framing a discussion on paradigm shift(s) in the field of information
Rong Tang | Bharat Mehra | Jia Tina Du | Yuxiang (Chris) Zhao

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Affelt, Amy. All that's not fit to print: Fake news and the call to action for librarians and information professionals. London, UK: Emerald, 2019, 176 pp. £39.99 (paperback) (ISBN 9781789733648)
Thomas J. Froehlich

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Social tagging in a linked data environment. Edited by Diane Rasmussen Pennington and Louise F. Spiteri. London, UK: Facet Publishing, 2018
Xuwei Pan