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2021 Volume 72 Issue 3

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Do new research issues attract more citations? A comparison between 25 Scopus subject categories
Mike Thelwall | Pardeep Sud

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Data curation as collective action during COVID-19
Kalpana Shankar | Wei Jeng | Andrea K. Thomer | Nicholas M. Weber | Ayoung Yoon

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How users' knowledge of advertisements influences their viewing and selection behavior in search engines
Sebastian Schultheiß | Dirk Lewandowski

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The emergence, peak, and abeyance of an online information ground: The lifecycle of a Facebook group for verifying information during violence
Abdul Rohman

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Explicit diversification of search results across multiple dimensions for educational search
Sevgi Yigit-Sert | Ismail Sengor Altingovde | Craig Macdonald | Iadh Ounis | Özgür Ulusoy

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One size does not fit all: A study of badge behavior in stack overflow
Stav Yanovsky | Nicholas Hoernle | Omer Lev | Kobi Gal

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Understanding the stability of medical concept embeddings
Grace E. Lee | Aixin Sun

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The information manifold: Why computers cannot solve algorithmic bias and fake news. Badia, Antonio Cambridge, UK: The MIT press, 2019
Marc Kosciejew

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Using information science to enhance educational preventing violent extremism programs
Kevin Wong | Geoff Walton | Gavin Bailey

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Search foundations: Toward a science of technology-mediated experience. Arafat, Sachi and Ashoori, Elham. Boston, MA: MIT Press, 2019. (ISBN 9780262038591)
Marcia J. Bates

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