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2021 Volume 72 Issue 4

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The measurement of "interdisciplinarity" and "synergy" in scientific and extra-scientific collaborations
Loet Leydesdorff | Inga A. Ivanova

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Innovation adoption: Broadcasting versus virality
Yujia Zhai | Ying Ding | Hezhao Zhang

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Discovering underlying sensations of human emotions based on social media
Jun Lee | Adam Jatowt | Kyoung-Sook Kim

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Mapping the online presence of small local sporting clubs
Stephen Burgess | Craig M. Parker | Scott Bingley

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Validation of a survey for measuring scientists' attitudes toward data reuse
Christa E. Winkler | Rebecca Fay Berenbon

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Understanding and predicting future research impact at different career stages - A social network perspective
Zhiya Zuo | Kang Zhao

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Authors' noninstitutional emails and their correlation with retraction
Xiaomei Liu | Xiaotian Chen

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Follow the leader: Documents on the leading edge of semantic change get more citations
Sandeep Soni | Kristina Lerman | Jacob Eisenstein

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Research data management policy and practice in Chinese university libraries
Yingshen Huang | Andrew M. Cox | Laura Sbaffi

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Epistemology, epistemic belief, personal epistemology, and epistemics: A review of concepts as they impact information behavior research
Matthew Kelly

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