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2021 Volume 72 Issue 5

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Topic diversity: A discipline scheme-free diversity measurement for journals
Yi Bu | Mengyang Li | Weiye Gu | Win-Bin Huang

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Describing, organizing, and maintaining video game development artifacts
Claire McDonald | Marc L. Schmalz | Allee Monheim | Stephen A. Keating | Kelsey Lewin | Frank Cifaldi | Jin Ha Lee

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Resonance and the experience of relevance
Ian Ruthven

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Orthogonality, dependency, and music: An exploration of the relationships between music facets
Deborah Lee | Lyn Robinson | David Bawden

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Authority and priority signals in automatic summary generation for online reputation management
Javier Rodríguez-Vidal | Jorge Carrillo-de-Albornoz | Julio Gonzalo | Laura Plaza

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"Heterogeneous couplings": Operationalizing network perspectives to study science-society interactions through social media metrics
Rodrigo Costas | Sarah de Rijcke | Noortje Marres

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Enhancing keyphrase extraction from microblogs using human reading time
Yingyi Zhang | Chengzhi Zhang

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Term position-based language model for information retrieval
Arezki Hammache | Mohand Boughanem

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Transforming public records management: Six key insights
Paula Dootson | Mary Tate | Kevin C. Desouza | Peter Townson

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Cinderella's stick: A fairy tale for digital preservation. Tzitzikas, Yiannis, Marketakis, Yiannis. Berlin: Springer, 2018, 249 pp., 51.16 (paperback). (ISBN 9783319984872)
Rebecca D. Frank

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