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2021 Volume 72 Issue 6

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Investigative approaches to researching information technology companies
Daniel Carter | Amelia Acker | Dan Sholler

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Collaborative qualitative research at scale: Reflections on 20 years of acquiring global data and making data global
Christine L. Borgman | Morgan F. Wofford | Milena S. Golshan | Peter T. Darch

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Whither wilderness? An investigation of technology use by long-distance backpackers
Ed Hyatt | Morgan Harvey | Matthew Pointon | Perla Innocenti

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The migration and preservation of six Norwegian municipality record-keeping systems: Lessons learned
Thomas Sødring | Pia Borlund | Markus Helfert

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Predicting users' continued engagement in online health communities from the quantity and quality of received support
Xiangyu Wang | Andrew High | Xi Wang | Kang Zhao

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On the causal relation between real world activities and emotional expressions of social media users
Seyed Amin Mirlohi Falavarjani | Jelena Jovanovic | Hossein Fani | Ali A. Ghorbani | Zeinab Noorian | Ebrahim Bagheri

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Young people's information practices in library makerspaces
Xiaofeng Li

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How do multilingual users search? An investigation of query and result list language choices
Ben Steichen | Ryan Lowe

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Conjoint analysis of researchers' hidden preferences for bibliometrics, altmetrics, and usage metrics
Steffen Lemke | Athanasios Mazarakis | Isabella Peters

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An iSchool approach to data science: Human-centered, socially responsible, and context-driven
Chirag Shah | Theresa Anderson | Loni Hagen | Yin Zhang

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