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2021 Volume 72 Issue 7

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Meaning-making on gender: Deeply meaningful information in a significant life change among transgender people
Aira Huttunen | Terttu Kortelainen

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Power in the U.S. political economy: A network analysis
Nishant Malik | David Spencer | Quang Neo Bui

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Can loyalty be pursued and achieved? An extended RFD model to understand and predict user loyalty to mobile apps
Chuang Wang | Rongxin Zhou | Matthew K. O. Lee

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Predicting essay quality from search and writing behavior
Pertti Vakkari | Michael Völske | Martin Potthast | Matthias Hagen | Benno Stein

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Algorithmic labeling in hierarchical classifications of publications: Evaluation of bibliographic fields and term weighting approaches
Peter Sjögårde | Per Ahlgren | Ludo Waltman

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Softcite dataset: A dataset of software mentions in biomedical and economic research publications
Caifan Du | Johanna Cohoon | Patrice Lopez | James Howison

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An application of media and network multiplexity theory to the structure and perceptions of information environments in hurricane evacuation
Seungyoon Lee | Bailey C. Benedict | Yue 'Gurt' Ge | Pamela Murray-Tuite | Satish V. Ukkusuri

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How online review richness impacts sales: An attribute substitution perspective
Hang Yin | Shuang Zheng | William Yeoh | Jie Ren

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How is science clicked on Twitter? Click metrics for Bitly short links to scientific publications
Zhichao Fang | Rodrigo Costas | Wencan Tian | Xianwen Wang | Paul Wouters

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The major life events taxonomy: Social readjustment, social media information sharing, and online network separation during times of life transition
Oliver L. Haimson | Albert J. Carter | Shanley Corvite | Brookelyn Wheeler | Lingbo Wang | Tianxiao Liu | Alexxus Lige

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