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2021 Volume 72 Issue 8

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Emerging (information) realities and epistemic injustice
Tami Oliphant

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"Striking out on your own" - A study of research information management problems on university campuses
Besiki Stvilia | Dong Joon Lee | Na-eun Han

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Ethnicity-based name partitioning for author name disambiguation using supervised machine learning
Jinseok Kim | Jenna Kim | Jason Owen-Smith

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Orientation tactics and associated factors in the digital library environment: Comparison between blind and sighted users
Iris Xie | Rakesh Babu | Hyun Seung Lee | Shengang Wang | Tae Hee Lee

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Full coverage of a reader's interests in context-based information filtering
Alexandra Dumitrescu | Simone Santini

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What makes an idea worth spreading? Language markers of popularity in TED talks by academics and other speakers
Kate MacKrill | Connor Silvester | James W. Pennebaker | Keith J. Petrie

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The rise of multiple institutional affiliations in academia
Hanna Hottenrott | Michael Rose | Cornelia Lawson

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The evolution and shift of research topics and methods in library and information science
Jinxuan Ma | Brady D. Lund

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Knowledge order in an online knowledge community: Group heterogeneity and two paths mediated by group interaction
Jiangnan Qiu | Min Zuo | Jingxian Wang | Chengjie Cai

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Engines of order: A mechanology of algorithmic techniques. Rieder, Bernhard. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2020, 352 pp., 115, 00 (hardcover). (ISBN 9789462986190). 0, 00 (PDF). (ISBN 9789048537419)
Ryan Shaw