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2021 Volume 15 Issue 2

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Cross-site Prediction on Social Influence for Cold-start Users in Online Social Networks
Qingyuan Gong | Yang Chen | Xinlei He | Yu Xiao | Pan Hui | Xin Wang | Xiaoming Fu

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A Two Phases Self-healing Framework for Service-oriented Systems
Amal Alhosban | Zaki Malik | Khayyam Hashmi | Brahim Medjahed | Hassan Al-Ababneh

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Utilizing Web Trackers for Sybil Defense
Marcel Flores | Andrew Kahn | Marc Anthony Warrior | Alan Mislove | Aleksandar Kuzmanovic

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An Integrated Approach for Improving Brand Consistency of Web Content: Modeling, Analysis, and Recommendation
Soumyadeep Roy | Shamik Sural | Niyati Chhaya | Anandhavelu Natarajan | Niloy Ganguly

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Exploring Weather Data to Predict Activity Attendance in Event-based Social Network: From the Organizer's View
Jifeng Zhang | Wenjun Jiang | Jinrui Zhang | Jie Wu | Guojun Wang