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2021 Volume 24 Issue 4

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Deep fusion of multimodal features for social media retweet time prediction
Hui Yin | Shuiqiao Yang | Xiangyu Song | Wei Liu | Jianxin Li

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Aspect-level sentiment capsule network for micro-video click-through rate prediction
Yuqiang Han | Pan Gu | Wei Gao | Guandong Xu | Jian Wu

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A multi-granularity semantic space learning approach for cross-lingual open domain question answering
Lin Li | Miao Kong | Dong Li | Dong Zhou

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Energy-aware key management and access control for the Internet of things
Mohamed Mohammedi | Mawloud Omar | Djamila Zamouche | Kahina Louiba | Saliha Ouared | Kenza Hocini

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Multiple interleaving interests modeling of sequential user behaviors in e-commerce platform
Yuqiang Han | Qian Li | Yang Xiao | Hucheng Zhou | Zhenglu Yang | Jian Wu

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Fractal scaling laws for the dynamic evolution of sentiments in Never Let Me Go and their implications for writing, adaptation and reading of novels
Qiyue Hu | Bin Liu | Jianbo Gao | Kristoffer L. Nielbo | Mads Rosendahl Thomsen

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Activity location inference of users based on social relationship
Nur Al Hasan Haldar | Mark Reynolds | Quanxi Shao | Cécile Paris | Jianxin Li | Yunliang Chen

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Clustering Enhanced Error-tolerant Top-k Spatio-textual Search
Yong Zhang | Yu Chen | Junye Yang | Jin Wang | Huiqi Hu | Chunxiao Xing | Xiaofang Zhou

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Aspect-based sentiment analysis for online reviews with hybrid attention networks
Yuming Lin | Yu Fu | You Li | Guoyong Cai | Aoying Zhou

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A customisable pipeline for the semi-automated discovery of online activists and social campaigns on Twitter
Flavio Primo | Alexander B. Romanovsky | Rafael Maiani de Mello | Alessandro F. Garcia | Paolo Missier

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Editor's Note

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Accelerated deep reinforcement learning with efficient demonstration utilization techniques
Sangho Yeo | Sangyoon Oh | Min Su Lee

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OpenCL-Darknet: implementation and optimization of OpenCL-based deep learning object detection framework
Yongbon Koo | Sunghoon Kim | Young-Guk Ha

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Utilizing extended geocodes for handling massive three-dimensional point cloud data
Taehoon Kim | Jun Lee | Kyoung-Sook Kim | Akiyoshi Matono | Ki-Joune Li

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A deep-learning model for urban traffic flow prediction with traffic events mined from twitter
Aniekan Essien | Ilias Petrounias | Pedro Sampaio | Sandra Sampaio

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Accurate relational reasoning in edge-labeled graphs by multi-labeled random walk with restart
Jinhong Jung | Woojeong Jin | Ha-Myung Park | U Kang