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2022 Volume 12 Issue 3

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Detection Mechanism Using Transductive Learning and Support Vectors for Software-Defined Networks
Gaganjot Kaur | Prinima Gupta | Yogesh Kumar

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Flutter-Based Real-Time Mobile App for Fruit Shelf-Life Prediction (FSP) Using Multi-Modality Imaging
Varsha Bhole | Arun Kumar

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Taxonomy of Load Balancing Practices in the Cloud Computing Paradigm
Mukund Kulkarni | Prachi Deshpande | Sanjay L. Nalbalwar | Anil B. Nandgaonkar

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Integration of Multi-Class Service Paradigm With Generic Trust Mechanism for Innovation, Customization and Adaptability in MANETs
Nitin Khanna | Sandeep Singh | Anshu Bhasin | Kamal Malik

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Evolutionary Optimization for Prioritized Materialized View Selection: An Exploratory Analysis
Heena Madaan | Anjana Gosain

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Soft Computing-Based Schemes for Handover Management in Future Networks
Sandeep Bassi | Punam Rattan | Pooja Dhand

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A Hybrid Approach to Discover Entity Synonyms
Mamta Kathuria | Chander Kumar Nagpal | Neelam Duhan

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Ensemble of Support Vector Machine and Ontological Structures to Generate Abstractive Text Summarization
Amita Arora