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2022 Volume 11 Issue 2

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Anomaly detection using edge computing in video surveillance system: review
Devashree R. Patrikar | Mayur Rajaram Parate

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Caption TLSTMs: combining transformer with LSTMs for image captioning
Jie Yan | Yuxiang Xie | Xidao Luan | Yanming Guo | Quanzhi Gong | Suru Feng

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DC-GNN: drop channel graph neural network for object classification and part segmentation in the point cloud
Md. Meraz | Md Afzal Ansari | Mohammed Javed | Pavan Chakraborty

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Multi-sensor human activity recognition using CNN and GRU
Ohoud Nafea | Wadood Abdul | Ghulam Muhammad

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A local representation-enhanced recurrent convolutional network for image captioning
Xiaoyi Wang | Jun Huang

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Siamese coding network and pair similarity prediction for near-duplicate image detection
Marco Fisichella

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PDS-Net: A novel point and depth-wise separable convolution for real-time object detection
Masum Shah Junayed | Md Baharul Islam | Hassan Imani | Tarkan Aydin

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Few2Decide: towards a robust model via using few neuron connections to decide
Jian Li | Yanming Guo | Songyang Lao | Xi Zhao | Liang Bai | Haoran Wang