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2022 Volume 25 Issue 2

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Guest editorial: special issue on ECIR 2021
Djoerd Hiemstra | Marie-Francine Moens

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sMARE: a new paradigm to evaluate and understand query performance prediction methods
Guglielmo Faggioli | Oleg Zendel | J. Shane Culpepper | Nicola Ferro | Falk Scholer

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Open-domain conversational search assistants: the Transformer is all you need
Rafael Ferreira | Mariana Leite | David Semedo | João Magalhães

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On cross-lingual retrieval with multilingual text encoders
Robert Litschko | Ivan Vulic | Simone Paolo Ponzetto | Goran Glavas

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CEQE to SQET: A study of contextualized embeddings for query expansion
Shahrzad Naseri | Jeffrey Dalton | Andrew Yates | James Allan

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CoSearcher: studying the effectiveness of conversational search refinement and clarification through user simulation
Alexandre Salle | Shervin Malmasi | Oleg Rokhlenko | Eugene Agichtein