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2022 Volume 73 Issue 1

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Investigating the impact of emotions on perceiving serendipitous information encountering
Xu Sun | Xiaosong Zhou | Qingfeng Wang | Sarah Sharples

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Serendipity in the city: User evaluations of urban recommender systems
Annelien Smets | Jorre T. A. Vannieuwenhuyze | Pieter Ballon

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Interactions between affect, cognition, and information behavior in the context of fibromyalgia
Annie T. Chen

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"There is a gorilla holding a key on the book cover": Young children's known picture book search strategies
Pianran Wang | Yue Ma | Huan Xie | Hanqing Wang | Jinyi Lu | Jianhua Xu

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Gender identification on Twitter
Catherine Ikae | Jacques Savoy

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Proximity-aware research leadership recommendation in research collaboration via deep neural networks
Chaocheng He | Jiang Wu | Qingpeng Zhang

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Motivational affordances and survival of new askers on social Q&A sites: The case of Stack Exchange network
Minhyung Kang

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Toward transparency of hybrid open access through publisher-provided metadata: An article-level study of Elsevier
Najko Jahn | Lisa Matthias | Mikael Laakso

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A social media analytics perspective for human-oriented smart city planning and management
Shah Jahan Miah | Huy Quan Vu | Damminda Alahakoon

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Revisiting the decay of scientific email addresses
Raul Rodriguez-Esteban | Dina Vishnyakova | Fabio Rinaldi

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