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2022 Volume 73 Issue 10

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The emerging science of content labeling: Contextualizing social media content moderation
Garrett Morrow | Briony Swire-Thompson | Jessica Montgomery Polny | Matthew Kopec | John P. Wihbey

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Community-led digital literacy training: Toward a conceptual framework
Brian Detlor | Heidi Julien | Tara La Rose | Alexander Serenko

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Designing for serendipity in online knowledge communities: An investigation of tag presentation formats and openness to experience
Chunxiu Qin | Yaxi Liu | Xubu Ma | Jiangping Chen | Huigang Liang

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Internationally mobile scientists as knowledge transmitters: A lexical-based approach to detect knowledge transfer
Valeria Aman

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How do properties of data, their curation, and their funding relate to reuse?
Libby Hemphill | Amy M. Pienta | Sara Lafia | Dharma Akmon | David Bleckley

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Making newsworthy news: The integral role of creativity and verification in the human information behavior that drives news story creation
Marisela Gutierrez Lopez | Stephann Makri | Andrew MacFarlane | Colin Porlezza | Glenda Cooper | Sondess Missaoui

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FAIR: Fairness-aware information retrieval evaluation
Ruoyuan Gao | Yingqiang Ge | Chirag Shah

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Toward openness and transparency to better facilitate knowledge creation
Simon Mahony

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Team power dynamics and team impact: New perspectives on scientific collaboration using career age as a proxy for team power
Huimin Xu | Yi Bu | Meijun Liu | Chenwei Zhang | Mengyi Sun | Yi Zhang | Eric Meyer | Eduardo Salas | Ying Ding

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Algorithms and autonomy: The ethics of automated decision systems. Rubel, Alan Castro, Clinton Pham, Adam Cambridge University Press (9781108795395)
Madelyn Rose Sanfilippo