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2022 Volume 73 Issue 12

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Digital divide, critical-, and crisis-informatics perspectives on K-12 emergency remote teaching during the pandemic
Rebecca B. Reynolds | Julie Aromi | Catherine C. McGowan | Britt S. Paris

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Time to vote: Temporal clustering of user activity on Stack Overflow
Agnieszka Geras | Grzegorz Siudem | Marek Gagolewski

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From nostalgia to knowledge: Considering the personal dimensions of data lifecycles
Gretchen R. Stahlman

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Disciplinary contributions to research topics and methodology in Library and Information Science - Leading to fragmentation?
Pertti Vakkari | Yu-Wei Chang | Kalervo Järvelin

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The financial maintenance of social science data archives: Four case studies of long-term infrastructure work
Kristin R. Eschenfelder | Kalpana Shankar | Greg Downey

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Uses of the Journal Impact Factor in national journal rankings in China and Europe
Emanuel Kulczycki | Ying Huang | Alesia A. Zuccala | Tim C. E. Engels | Antonio Ferrara | Raf Guns | Janne Pölönen | Gunnar Sivertsen | Zehra Taskin | Lin Zhang

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Analysis of noise and bias errors in intelligence information systems
Ashraf Labib | Salem Chakhar | Lorraine Hope | John Shimell | Mark Malinowski

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Trust in COVID-19 public health information
Nitin Verma | Kenneth R. Fleischmann | Le Zhou | Bo Xie | Min Kyung Lee | Kate Rich | Kristina Shiroma | Chenyan Jia | Tara Zimmerman

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Change and growth in open access journal publishing and charging trends 2011-2021
Heather Morrison | Luan Borges | Xuan Zhao | Tanoh Laurent Kakou | Amit Nataraj Shanbhoug