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2022 Volume 73 Issue 5

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Whose relevance? Web search engines as multisided relevance machines
Olof Sundin | Dirk Lewandowski | Jutta Haider

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Relating information seeking and use to intellectual humility
Tim Gorichanaz

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Classification and analysis of PubPeer comments: How a web journal club is used
José Luis Ortega

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Measuring the citation context of national self-references
Liyue Chen | Jie-lan Ding | Vincent Larivière

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Heritage as an affective and meaningful information literacy practice: An interdisciplinary approach to the integration of asylum seekers and refugees
Kahina Le Louvier | Perla Innocenti

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Letters to the editor and the race for publication metrics
Stewart Manley

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Sins of omission: Critical informatics perspectives on privacy in e-learning systems in higher education
Britt S. Paris | Rebecca B. Reynolds | Catherine C. McGowan

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Understanding the spread of COVID-19 misinformation on social media: The effects of topics and a political leader's nudge
Xiangyu Wang | Min Zhang | Weiguo Fan | Kang Zhao

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Studying effectiveness of Web search for fact checking
Maram Hasanain | Tamer Elsayed

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The Hype Machine. Aral, Sinan. New York, NY: Penguin Random House, 2020
Waseem Afzal

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